LIGHTING La lampe Sept Vies Reconnect to yourself in the peaceful light of this unique piece marrying wood, brass and glass.


Slide Behind the scene The "Sept Vies" lamp shows us a way to bond our present-day live to spiritual completeness.

Inspired by old wisdom and traditional craftmanship together with modern technology, the lamp is an invitation to meditation and peacefulness.

We created a limited series of special edition lamps highlighting the quality materials we used and shaping each piece individually to make it truly unique.

Under each lamp a decorated brass plate bears the single number of the piece and our signature. Great care was given to blend the technical part and the design of the lamp in harmony.


Slide TOUCH TECHNOLOGY Light at the tip of your fingers A touch of the finger allows you to adjust the brightness of the lamp: a light for study, a light for day dreams and meditation, reverie, or just to slumber away. Slide UNIQUE Eye Candy for your interior Inspired by antique spirituality, the engraved geometric patterns are symbols of time and space.   Slide edison bulbs Where history meets technology A contemporary restyling of the iconic light bulb brings it up to date. SPOTLIGHT

Gift yourself with a truly remarkable piece of craftmanship and grant your home a touch of peacefulness and harmony.  ORDER NOW

Sept de Coupe 13 Allée des noisetiers
1950 Kraainem Belgium
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