LIGHTING La lampe Sept Mers Let this light guide you home, be welcomed warmly by this unique piece crafted in wood, brass and glass.


Slide The story behind A chance opportunity led to the creation of the Seven Seas’ lamp: the acquisition of a load of precious wood, originally on its way towards industrial processing.

Inspired by traditional skills and modern techniques we vowed to conceive a series of lamps in limited edition highlighting the rare quality of this wood with its (original) knots and grain, harmonising with  its light source.

Creating lamps as unique as the wood we use, each certified by a signed, numbered and designed brass plate fixed beneath the lamp.

Slide Padauk version


Slide TOUCH TECHNOLOGY Light at the tip of your fingers A simple touch will adjust the light intensity as you wish. Steer through your evening and nights between dusk, reading light or cosy background. Slide ONE OF A KIND Eye Candy for your interior Each piece of wood has its own history, telling the story of the tree it was; each wood is unique with its distinct grain and individual knots.   Slide edison bulbs Where history meets technology The iconic bulb has been revisited featuring a modern homage. SPOTLIGHT

Gift yourself with an outstanding object, shedding a warm and unique light in your home. Buy now

Sept de Coupe 13 Allée des noisetiers
1950 Kraainem Belgium
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